The ADESTE “Set of guidelines for an effective vocational training for the European Audience Developer Training toolkit prototype - Resource Pack” was produced to accompany the ADESTE pilot training programme as part of the resources to help organ

Over the course of two days in Bilbao and Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain, more than 100 participants from Europe and beyond attended "The Future of Audience Development:

The final programme and e-reader of the ADESTE conference "The Future of Audience Development: Research, Training and Practice" are available online.

ADESTE project partners, trainers, and trainees are planning to meet in Brussels next 9-11 September 2015.

Pilot testing is currently underway for the ADESTE Audience Development Training Modu

In the design of ADESTE's audience development training module, action learning was chosen as one of four main components because it stimulates reflection and problem solving.

ADESTE has reached a turning point since project partners last held exchanges in Lecce and Turin around the challenge “What kind of training for audience development?”

The ADESTE consortium held its fourth project meeting from 29-30 January in Turin, Italy.

How are people working in the arts and cultural sector educated and trained to achieve their organisation's audience development goals? Who is providing them with the skills and knowledge needed for their success?