Get Inspired

These examples are meant to provide inspiration and demonstrate the diversity of audience practice across the world. Examples may be culturally specific but could be usefully  adapted to different cultures and contexts as part of an organisation's audience development strategy.


The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium invites the public to relax among six monumental paintings especially created for the museum by Gao Xingjian. 

This case study by Palazzo Grassi Pinault Collection in Venice shows how the museum realized they didn’t have anything special to offer to teenagers between the ages of 11-18 years old and that they were only coming to the museum through school re

It's a simple concept: enjoy a play while having a pie and a pint during your lunch hour! Serving lunchtime drama since 2004, A Play, A Pie and A Pint at the the Òran Mór in Glasgow is now on its 23rd season.

In May 2014 Northeast Ohio in the United States played host to hundreds of music professionals from around the country.

“Collection in action” is the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw's first attempt to create an education space for kids based on a collection of contemporary art.The selection of works and their display was a result of the museum's educators' observati

It's never too early to expose children to the arts. But how can young families be encouraged to go to museums? How could museums and healthcare help support parental responsibilities?

The Wallace Foundation has designed a useful infographic of nine effective practices for building audiences for the arts.

The Diamond project "Dialoguing Museums for a New Cultural Democracy" (2012-2014) aimed to increase the impact of museum activities in society by providing audiences with an avenue for self expression.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) launced LACMA9 Art+Film Lab in June 2013 with the aim to encourage more people to experience film as an art form through active participation.

On Monday the 12th of August 2013, the Copenhagen Music Theatre drove six caravans manned with artists into the streets of Copenhagen.