LIST OF MAIN FINDINGS: Training Paths, Skills, and Competences for Audience Development


This list of main findings on training paths, skills and competences for audience development is the result of an internal report carried out in the framework of the ADESTE project’s Work Package 2, namely “Research, Analysis and Mapping”. The main findings provide answers to questions such as:

  • What is fundamental for professionals working in audience development?
  • Who is an audience developer?
  • Is formal education aligning with market needs?

The purpose of this work package was to collect and produce evidence-based data and information need for the development of the project’s other work packages.

The data and information for the internal report's analysis was gathered from February to June 2014 in two phases: first to analyse and understand how audience development is taught in Europe; and second, to understand the competences required by the labour market by gaining insight from professionals working in culture and the arts as well as audience development trainers, consultants and experts.

Read the list of main findings here.

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