ITALY | A cultural passport for babies?

It's never too early to expose children to the arts. But how can young families be encouraged to go to museums? How could museums and healthcare help support parental responsibilities?

The Sant’Anna Hospital in Turin, the largest and longest-standing gynecological and obstetrical center in Europe, is changing its approach through culture, with projects developed on a platform involving applied research from 10 cultural institutions, mobilized by the Medicina a Misura di Donna Onlus (“Medicine Tailored to Women” Charity Foundation), founded by members of civil society in order to cooperate with institutions to promote the humanization of the healthcare environment.

Nati con la Cultura (Born with Culture) began from the principle that art may serve as a powerful source of wellbeing, regeneration and creative strengthening for all human beings, right from infancy, and may play a decisive role in the development of their personality, according to the assertions of interactionist psychologists.

Each child born at Sant’Anna will be given a Cultural Passport when they are discharged from the Hospital. In this way, culture from the very beginning may become an integral part of the child’s healthy development. 

Presenting the invitation/passport at the ticket office of the museum, throughout the first year of the child’s life, the family will have free access to the Palazzo Madama and be able to come into close contact with the art and cultural heritage to be found there.

Families are invited to choose an artwork or place with which to take a picture that, once home, may be printed out and attached to the passport as a souvenir of the museum visit. Families may also share photos on the Museum’s social network platforms with the hashtag #nativiculturali.

The passport also provides information and guidance to facilitate families visiting the Museum with children and to allay fears that some may experience on first visiting cultural venues.

While this project starts out from Turin, the aim is for it to spread across the world.

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The project was thought up and promoted by the Medicina a Misura di Donna Charity Foundation together with Palazzo Madama, which had already cooperated on research projects concerning arts and health at Sant’Anna Hospital.


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