ITALY | Between you and me... How to reach teenagers

This case study by Palazzo Grassi Pinault Collection in Venice shows how the museum realized they didn’t have anything special to offer to teenagers between the ages of 11-18 years old and that they were only coming to the museum through school related activities.

The museum started to question itself to understand what are teenagers' needs and what would be relevant for them.

Usually what seems to work well with young audiences and what cultural professionals realised are peer to peer activities.

Therefore, they developed the “Detto tra noi project” “Between you and me project” where the adults interfered as little as possible. Materials were developed by teenagers for teenagers, seeking a balance between analogue and digital activities.

The evaluation revealed that 95% of students believed the project was interesting, funny and instructive and say they are willing to visit others museums in the future.

80% of teachers believed the project changed the students’ approach to museums and contemporary art!

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