ADESTE report published on "New Training Needs"

How are people working in the arts and cultural sector educated and trained to achieve their organisation's audience development goals? Who is providing them with the skills and knowledge needed for their success? What are the gaps between the current situation and the desired or ideal one?

The ADESTE project (Audience DEveloper: Skills and Training in Europe) has published a report on "New Training Needs". The 34 page report finished in December 2014 presents what the labour market and professionals consider necessary for successful audience engagement practice. As audience development intrepretation and implementation can widely vary depending on the country and context in Europe, the new training needs described in the report should be understood in a broad sense.

Learn more and download the report here.

This report is part of the ADESTE Work Package 3 "Definition of the occupational standard profile of the audience developer".



informative but i am also puzzle about How are individuals functioning in human expressions and social segment taught and prepared to accomplish their association's crowd advancement objectives? Who is furnishing them with the abilities and learning required for their prosperity? What are the holes between the current circumstance and the coveted or perfect one? With online training there is another online education portal which is Accredited Life Experience Degree can alternate solution for students and working individuals.