ADESTE project organises public launch in Italy

On the evening of 18 November 2013, a public launch of the ADESTE project was held at the Fitzcarraldo Foundation in Turin, Italy. More than 25 local Italian cultural operators joined ADESTE project parnters for presentations and a panel discussion on audience development practices in Europe. 

With a new demand for skills to address challenges in the cultural sector which is lacking in specific competences related to promoting access and cultural participation, this public launch was an excellent opporunity to hear from experts who provided inspiring examples and experiences from the field.

Experts stressed that audience development is more than increasing attendance. "Audience focus is about intrepretation of what we do for whom and how to communication and extend our audiences and offer to them - including how we involve people into our decision making," said Niels Righolt, Director of the Danish Centre for Arts and Interculture in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore, audience developers who encourage participants to become co-creators can build a loyal following. Involving the general public in decision-making and creation builds trust and forges lasting relationships between audiences and arts organisations.

Involving people, understanding their needs and interest, creating an environment and experience that appeals to them requires time, patience,  ressources and a willingness to take risks. In her presentation "Developing audiences: 10 things that work", Anne Torreggiani, Executive Director of The Audience Agency in the United Kingdom, drew on her years of experience to wittle down the complexity of audience development to its most basic elements. As there is so much that goes into audience development from research, strategy development, policy design, projects, programming and more, it can seem overwhelming at times. These "10 things that work" are simple reminders to keep audience developers on track.

PowerPoint Presentations from the speakers are available below under documentation.

ADESTE Public Launch Programme, 18 November 2013

"The ADESTE project" by Annalisa Regis, ADESTE Project Manager for the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, Italy

"Audience development in Creative Europe programme" by Alessandro Bollo, Head of the Research Area at the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, Italy

"Developing audiences: 10 things that work" by Anne Torreggiani, Executive Director of The Audience Agency, United Kingdom

"A tale from the North" by Niels Righolt, Director of the Danish Centre for Arts and Interculture, Denmark