ADESTE Evaluation Framework

This document illustrates the results of the evaluation that was carried out throughout the project ADESTE. The evaluation aimed at evaluating the ADESTE innovative training collecting feedbacks from trainers and trainees. The document will be of interested for many vocational educational organisations or cultural organisations who are interested in audience development skills and training. 

The ADESTE piloting was a 10-month training involving 65 cultural professionals (trainees) and 13 trainers from 5 European countries from April 2015 to March 2016.  The Evaluation process was not part of a separate work package, but it seemed useful to reflect on the overall project processes to see “What Works’. 

The evaluation aimed at understanding whether the training in relation to specific areas of knowledge transfer provided participants with the tools to both undertake ‘audience development’ and pass this knowledge and processes on to others. 

Evaluation was undertaken not ‘to’ but ‘with’ partners, therefore using an approach based on Grounded Research designed to encourage participants to openly discuss areas of the project and then to group their responses around the stated aims. 

As the legacy of the project progresses it will be possible to map the changes in organisations and their audiences.

"Real audience development, the one that lasts and becomes a working procedure, can only be reached if the entire staff working-group is involved."

- Participant in the ADESTE piloting

"I have a feeling we are “part of something bigger."

– Participant in the ADESTE piloting



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